Chilli Protection

Crop Protection for Chilli Cultivation

DuPont Crop Protection in India is focused on preventing infestations damaging chilli crops, while encouraging farmers to incorporate this universal spice to their ensemble of commercial farming operations.

DuPont Crop Protection in India is constantly coming up with new technologies and solutions to make chilli cultivation a rewarding farming operation for the Indian farmers. The universal spice of India is widely grown across all states of the nation and is seriously susceptible to aphids, Rot and Die back caused by Colletotrichum capsici and bacterial wilt.

Although a small number of green or white flies can survive on chillies without causing too much harm, the numbers can quickly get out of hand and a severe infestation can decimate the entire chilli cultivation leading to no harvest at all, in severe cases.

Keeping the catastrophic effect of these pests and diseases in mind, DuPont research and development team constantly thrives on giving solutions to farmers to help them enhance yields and productivity of their chilli crop.


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