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Nissan Manufacturing UK LTD Case Study

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The evolution of plant safety: A matter of culture

Nissan Manufacturing UK Ltd Sunderland plant (NMUK SP), England continues to be one of the most efficient car manufacturing plants in Europe; this position has been maintained year on year through continuous improvement with specific focus on Quality, Cost and on Time Delivery (Douki Seisan) key performance indicators. “Although our Q,C,D performance remained very strong, we identified further scope to improve the plant’s accident rate and addi-tionally in 2003, the plant also started to experience an adverse trend” said plant Health and Safety Manager Mike Vezmar.

In response, NMUK SP carried out a benchmar-king activity focusing on Nissan North America (NNA), who had made a significant reduction in their accident rate through their Safety One initiative. On closer investigation it was discovered that NNA had entered into a partnership with DuPont.

By 2005, NMUK SP decided to engage with DuPont to help achieve a breakthrough in workplace safety – while maintaining their title as one of the most efficient car plants in Europe.

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