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Corian® for Translucence Surfaces Design

Corian® for Translucence Surfaces Design630x315


Big Cinemas commissioned Adlabs In-House Architects, Mumbai to create a backlit feature wall using translucence surfaces in a high-traffic zone in the lobby.


Designers were confronted with the task of finding translucence surfaces, which were durable, elegant and versatile for the contemporary feature wall. The wall required a lightweight material that could be hung by regular installation methods and then backlit.


DuPontCorian® had all the attributes needed to create a truly contemporary, intricately designed feature wall. Corian® solid surface was engraved in 4 parts on a regular 8’ x 4’ CNC Bed. Panels were later seamlessly joined and finished into a beautiful perfectly aligned elegant display wall.


The translucency of Corian® was ideal for backlighting the wall in the lobby.  Because it is extremely versatile - easily thermoformed, backlit, engraved or seamed to meet the requirements of designs – Corian® solid surface is an obvious choice for most architects. Intricate designs can be directly engraved on the solid surface to exact specifications using CNC machinery. Beautiful and elegant Corian® gives designers a complete freedom to follow their imagination, while adding value to the architects’ vision because of its durability and low maintenance.