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Futuristic Space Design Using Versatile Corian® Surface

MachiningMusic 02


Designers were seeking a flexible and versatile surface to create the concept art installation in an art gallery, to complement the exhibition with a futuristic space design.


The architects and designers for MusicPod were faced with an opportunity to complement the art exhibition with a futuristic space design. They were seeking a surface material that is versatile enough to explore concepts such as composition and instrumentation, continuity and flow, silence and resonance; besides being flexible enough to facilitate the design to work as an incremental aggregative strategy for multiple users.


DuPontCorian® was the preferred material to craft the seamless appearance to achieve the fluidity desired in the installation. Versatile DuPont™ Corian® was shaped in small parts on a custom-made Dye. A script was written which takes an input surface through a sin function, and modulates surface coordinates in the positive and negative z axis on a CNC bed. Each side of the surface was given a distinct frequency during routing. When brought together, a new interference pattern emerges. Panels were seamlessly joined and finished into beautiful, perfectly elegant structure, taking the theme of tying music to art to the next level.


Designers and Architects trusted Corian® solid surface for their futuristic space design because it can be thermoformed into many shapes, or could work like wood to give perfectly rounded edges. Delving into the sensory qualities of Corian®, designers have used this material to create tactile sculptures and intriguing design installations that fascinate the eye.