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Architectural Signages for Large Convention Centre

Architectural Signages for Large Convention Centre3


Indian Habitat Centre (IHC), a large convention centre, was seeking a solution to direct visitors to multiple locations.


Designers were seeking solid surface material for signages which could endure wear and tear, handle all weather conditions, be impervious to environmental pollution, and absorb less moisture when used for exterior applications.


DuPont™ Corian® was the natural choice for signages because it’s impervious to moisture, thermally stable, UV-resistant, and no secondary layers or surface coatings are necessary to protect exterior architectural signage. DuPont Corian® surface material was fixed using the innovative Squirrel System for both exterior and interior applications. The design was achieved with contours and typography, using CNC, and through cut-outs on panels.


Because Corian® is durable, stain and fade resistant, vandal-proof and easy to clean, it is ideal for withstanding wear and tear in cases of exterior application.