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Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure Limited (ABIL)


Issue & Challenge:

When it comes to luxury homes, Avinash Bhosale Infrastructure limited (ABIL); is a name which resonates with the residents of Pune. A well-known name in the Real Estate and Hospitality business, ABIL recently completed its ambitious project “Castle Royale, Pune” which boasts of its unique architecture and location.

Mr. Vikas Sud, the DGM Architecture at ABIL, was looking for a product which can provide an effortless elegance, without sacrificing on performance and at the same time justify the premium persona of the whole project. Also, when it comes to using solid surfaces for home & kitchen applications, people become apprehensive owing to problems faced with stains and cracks that are developed due to faulty fabrication.


His search finally ended at DuPont™ Corian®, the ultimate surfacing solution available in the market. Corian® offers various benefits over traditional materials like marble and granite which are used for kitchen applications in majority of Indian homes. Whereas granite/marble is limited by the number of colors and textures, Corian® comes in more than 100 colors across various categories. On one hand granite loses its originality with wear and tear and on the other Corian® is a maintenance free long-lasting material which can be molded into any shape.

To solve various concerns and deliver on its brand promise DuPont is launching a “Quality Network Program” under which the authorized fabricators of DuPont would be trained and audited regularly so that Corian® can offer a warranted solution to the end customers and make their lives peaceful.


“We have used granite in our previous projects but we faced limitations when it came to our project Castle Royale. Since Granite is a porous and permeable material, it leads to staining, water marks, soap stains, surface haze, bacteria and mold colonies resulting in odor and health risks whereas Corian being a non-porous material doesn’t allow any kind of microbial growth, thus giving a piece of mind to the homeowners” ….says Mr. Vikas Sud.

DuPont™ Corian® also gives us an option to create matching backsplashes which continue the visual span of a Corian® countertop right up the wall – as high as you wish. Since backsplashes can again be customized; it can vary from a short, usual three inch coved piece to a tall backsplash that spans the space between countertop and cabinets. Standard, set-on backsplashes provide a sharp, crisp look. With a coved backsplash, there are no traps to collect dirt and moisture. Corian® also works brilliantly together with materials such as stainless steel, wood, and glass.

On being asked about Mr. Sud’s preference for DuPont™ Corian®, he mentions,

“We chose Corian® over other brands because we believe that DuPont™ Corian® is not just a product but a brand promise. Rather than being just a material supplier DuPont believes in delivering a complete solution to its customers with great amount of interest and investment in the capabilities and quality of its authorized fabricators”

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