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Home Design Solution for Vaishali Residence

Home Design Solution for Vaishali Residence2


The proprietor of Vaishali Restaurant in Pune was looking for home design solutions that would integrate contemporary and stylish architectural materials in his quest to give a facelift to his residence.


Designers and architects were up for a task to find a solid-surface material that could give their home design a unique edge. They were seeking a solution that was stylish, versatile, durable and flexible. A solution that would exude warmth to add value to their architectural aesthetics, and give them enough liberty to realize their imagination.


In DuPont™ Corian®, designers, architects and the owner found an ideal material that could transform all environments, moods and models. Corian® was extremely versatile for the home design, and was used in numerous ways and methods that go beyond worktops.


Corian®, with its numerous colours, has the potential to lend itself to any fashion, design and style. Employing Corian® can add warmth and feel or whatever mood you want to accomplish. Corian® has the ability to take any form you want with no visible joints, generating a smooth, harmonious, hygienic finish, making Corian® the first choice for numerous designers, architects and property proprietors.