Redesigning Corian® Scrap

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Reusing Corian® at NID in a Scrap Application


DuPont collaborated with the National Institute of Design (NID) to challenge students to the Open Innovation Initiative, a workshop that explored the reuse of Corian® residue in a scrap application. Because disposing of Corian® fragments leftover from modern building materials is difficult for fabricating units, recycling the material addresses the issue and presents a sustainable business opportunity.

During this week-long workshop at NID, students were given the task of finding ways to reuse Corian® to create sustainable product designs, as it lasts so long that it is difficult for any fabricating unit to dispose of Corian®. It was an overwhelming task for the students because, unlike conventional design projects where an unlimited quantity of material is at their disposal, they had to contend with small pieces of material, in varying shapes and colours, for this scrap application.

To reuse the Corian®, residue of similar sizes were separated, and usable pieces were grouped. Students used innovative methods and designed usable products looking at the available material. Translucent adhesive was used throughout to bind the various colours of scrap, making each piece unique and beautiful.

The open innovation initiative at NID demonstrated that Corian® product designs can create a sustainable business opportunity in addition to producing functional and exciting products. Corian® conforms to the designer’s imagination, even in the form of residue, and enables them to create versatile designs.  The 3-D solidity of Corian® allows them to shape it, rout it, and form it, inside or outside and inspires architects and designers wherever their imagination takes them.