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Backlighting Design Solutions for Office Space Using Corian®

Backlighting Design Solutions for Office Space Using Corian2


Prateek Builders were looking for a translucent surface to create backlighting designs for their head office in Noida. The company wanted a contemporary design, to reflect their passion as one of the most promising, young and vibrant realty firms.


Designers and architects sought a solid-surface material that was translucent for backlighting, with the ability to be shaped or formed.


DuPont™ Corian® solid surface was the ultimate choice for the designers and architects to realize their vision. The beautiful Corian® surface was used on various applications, including column cladding, ceiling, feature wall, bathroom vanities and signages, to create a fascinating environment that elegantly explored the interaction of Corian® with light by backlighting.


With DuPont™ Corian®, the possibilities are endless. Corian® can create beautiful atmospheric lighting, and can illuminate furniture or abstract shapes to add dramatic impressions. Its translucency enables designers to experiment with levels and styles of luminosity in the designs, transforming light into a tangible element to shape and mould.