Cotton Textile Production Protects Environment

In partnership with Huntsman, DuPont helps create Gentle Power Bleach™ system which offers reductions in energy and water consumption to the global cotton textile production.

Cotton makes up nearly 50% of the textiles industry, and is the largest money making non-food crop in the world.  This two minute documentary will tell the story of the alliance between DuPont and Huntsman in creating ground-breaking technology within the cotton bleaching process, offering significant reductions in energy and water consumption for the global textiles industry.

By using DuPont’s PrimaGreen® biodegradable enzymes, Huntsman has introduced a bleaching technology system, Gentle Power Bleach™. Our DuPont Representative explains the science of PrimaGreen® enzymes and how they work within this system to allow bleaching at far lower temperatures, requiring fewer rinse baths and reducing cotton wastage.

Our film focuses upon the Acabamentos Têxteis de Barcelos Textile Mill in Portugal, who has adopted the Gentle Power Bleach™ technology. Our Mill Owner will explain how this technology has helped create greater yields of processed cotton and decrease their energy and water usage.

The representative from Cotton Incorporate offers a global perspective to how this collaboration can help ensure the textiles industry play a greater role in protecting the environment.



Acabamentos Texteis de Barcelos

Cotton Inc.

  • CHALLENGE: Protection
  • Industry: Industrial Biotechnology
  • Location: Barcelos, Portugual

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