Watch the Quest for Zero Episode 6 on September 14 & 15 on Times Now

Episode 6 Promo on electrification

DuPont has joined hands with Times Now to launch an investigative and inspiring series that will not only examine the critical challenges facing a growing India, but will also profile India’s most visionary companies and people who are using science powered solutions in our quest for zero. This exciting weekly series (titled The Power of Shunya™ - Quest for Zero) is hosted by Anupam Kher, and premiered on Times Now on the 10th of August. Over a period of 16 weeks, this program will cover one specific theme / industry in every episode.

The sixth episode of this program will focus on electrification, and will profile solutions that hope to ensure uninterrupted power supply to every corner of India to achieve “zero power shortage” and “zero darkness” in India

We invite you to find out more and join hands with us to help meet our goal of zero darkness in India.

Channel:                              Times Now

Program:                             The Power of Shunya™ - Quest for Zero

Date and Time:                  Sep 14, 2013 at 5.30 PM (Repeat on Sep 15 at 9.30 AM & 6.30 PM)