Watch The Power of Shunya™: Quest for Zero Episode 14 on Pollution!

DuPont has joined hands with Times Now to launch an investigative and inspiring series that will not only examine the critical challenges facing a growing India, but will also profile India’s most visionary companies and people who are using science powered solutions in our quest for zero. Hosted by Anupam Kher, the series airs on Times Now, and has completed 13 episodes until now, highlighting issues concerning nutrition, infrastructure, safety, manufacturing, healthcare and waste management. If you have missed seeing any episodes, please do watch them

The next episode that will be aired this weekend will focus on science-powered innovations in the area of pollution. One of the innovations featured in the episode will be Project Surya, under which a village in Uttar Pradesh now has access to cleaner, improved stoves, replacing solid biomass cooking stoves, reducing black carbon emissions. Another story will profile Milagrow, a company based in Gurgaon that is building robots which clean indoor air and eliminate pollutants invisible to the human eye.  The episode will also feature Nualgi technology, which when introduced at the source of a river, can reduce water pollution and improve marine ecology. 

Channel:                              Times Now

Program:                             The Power of Shunya™ - Quest for Zero

Date and Time:                  Saturday, November 16, at 5:30pm (Repeat on Sunday, November 17, at 9:30am and 6:30pm)