The Power of Shunya™ – Quest for Zero Season 2

DuPont Presents The Power of Shunya™ Season Two

Zero is different from all other numbers.

1400 years ago, Indian mathematician Aryabhata made history when he introduced the world to Shunya—or “zero.” Fast forward to today, as India stands at a critical crossroad—as the country looks to a population that will be 1.6 billion by 2050, the pressure is rising to double investment in new infrastructure in the next several years.

Last year, season one of DuPont’s broadcast program The Power of Shunya brought in over 21M viewers across India. Now, DuPont presents season two to address the challenges India faces and to breath new relevance into the ancient concept of Shunya. Over the past several weeks, theChallenge for Zero competition series returned with a season that has showcased countless inventive ideas—from nano particles that are cleaning rivers to a paper airplane that can generate energy. Now, it’s time to introduce the second half of The Power of Shunya program: Quest for Zero season two premieres Saturday August 23rd to continue the search for brilliant innovations that are changing India’s future. Join us over the next 16 weeks as we learn about ideas such as technology that converts harmful emissions into carbon nanotubes useful for energy generation, rubber dams that are helping farmers conserve water in drought-prone areas, and DuPont’s own collaboration with the Indian Railways to provide reliable traction transformers that are allowing the rail system to function safely and efficiently. Together with host and premiere business journalist Manvi Dhillon, we will delve into topics like Pollution, Nutrition, Workplace Safety, Climate Management, Solar Energy, and more to ask: who are the big companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs whose ideas are allowing India to continue to grow while achieving Zero—zero environmental impact, zero hungry mouths, zero safety hazards, and more.

Be sure to tune in to the season premiere on Saturday, August 23rd on Times Now (airs Saturdays 5:30pm and Sundays 9:30am & 6:30pm IST).