The Power of Shunya™: Challenge for Zero Season2

In the final episode before Season Two’s finale, the week’s showdown features the final two of the original 16 innovations! This week on The Power of Shunya: Challenge for Zero, Episode Nine will introduce two new products focused on food production/preservation and energy efficiency.

Host Gaurav Kapur will kick off this season’s final matchup between Team Paddy Crop Curator and Team Micro Cold Storage. Team Paddy Crop Curator, led by innovator Kumar Vivek and business contestant Fakhruddin Dahodwala, will present an app designed to evaluate the health of crops based on photographs. This new app allows farmers to snap photos of their crop leaves and submit to scan and analyze their photos using a leaf coloration technique. The app will return a complete description of what diseases are ailing the crop, based on the image’s deviation from records of healthy crops. Once any diseases are identified, the app goes a step further to provide a detailed solution to help counter and solve for the crop’s ailments. With the concept of Shunya in mind, the Paddy Crop Curator will ultimately eliminate crop loss and reduce pesticide waste.

Following the Paddy Crop Curator, Team Micro Cold Storage, comprised of innovator Vivek Pandey and business contestant Rahul Sharma, will present their farm-level solar cold storage system, created to resolve the problem of food production loss due to lack of storage facilities. Farmers today are forced to sell produce right away to avoid spoilage, losing their profit margins in the process. As a solar-powered system, the Micro Cold Storage product allows farmers and agri-stakeholders to house produce in areas without access to electricity, making for a much more efficient energy system. When sunlight isn’t available, the system uses a uniquely designed thermal storage methodology that will control compartment cooling in tandem with regular cooling. The use of the Micro Cold Storage system will ultimately result in Shunya food waste and Shunya energy waste. Both teams hope to take advantage of this final opportunity to qualify for the Season Two finale: this weekend, tune in to Episode Nine of The Power of Shunya: Challenge for Zero, only on ET Now.

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