The Power of Shunya™

Empowering India through Science Based Solutions

At DuPont India, we are constantly using science & technology to provide innovative solutions that address the big challenges of feeding, providing energy and keeping people and the environment safe.

The Indian growth story has been one of those remarkable tales that has caught the imagination of the world. As India strives to become one of the world’s leading economies with the largest population, it is faced with the growing challenge of ensuring adequate, safe and nutritious food, access to uninterrupted energy and world class infrastructure and protecting its people, assets and the environment.

These challenges are so large that no one government, organization, company or individual can solve them. This requires engagement and collaboration among multiple stakeholders.

DuPont is harnessing The Power of Shunya™ to work together with our local partners, customers and others, to provide science based solutions that address these critical challenges. DuPont’s inclusive innovation constantly investigates how science powered solutions can help achieve this aspirational goal of zero—be it zero hunger, zero workplace hazards or zero carbon footprints —allowing us to find effective and efficient ways to empower India in its perennial quest for Shunya.