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Science Based Sustainable Food Sources in India

At DuPont India, we are developing science based solutions that help enhance the productivity, nutrition and quality of livestock products to feed the growing population.

As India’s economy powers on and income levels rise, there will be an increasing demand for more and better food. In particular, demand for protein is expected to rise thus posing a challenge to the country’s dairy, meat & poultry industry. At the same time, with a large part of the country following a vegetarian diet, demand for finding adequate sources of vegetarian protein will also increase.

At DuPont India, we are committed to developing solutions for sustainable food sources that go a long way in enhancing the productivity of dairy, aquaculture, poultry and diversified protein stocks, while augmenting the supply of vegetable protein with our soy protein isolates.

From in-feed animal nutrition to biosecurity solutions, from high quality agronomy practices to improved feedstock, our science based solutions help improve animal health, thus enhancing milk productivity and improving the quality and supply of animal protein.

By developing next-generation materials, fostering local innovation and harnessing The Power of Shunya™, DuPont is committed to helping India in its quest for zero hunger and zero malnutrition.