Energy and Mobility

Working Collaboratively to Provide Science Driven Sustainable Energy Solutions in India

DuPont India offers advanced materials and solutions that help secure India’s energy future by aiding the development of alternative energy sources and reducing the consumption of fossil fuels across diverse industries.

Almost one third of India's people live without electricity, (Source: An Indian Institute of Sciences Report) and three-quarters of the current energy needs in India are met by burning coal and gas.

As industries, transportation, agriculture and buildings make competing demands on the country’s energy supply, building a secure energy future for India is critical for a sustainable economic growth - one that also helps reduce the impact on the environment.

DuPont is focused on providing energy solutions that will help unlock The Power of Shunya™: How can we reduce the energy deficit in India to zero? How can we reach a goal of zero power cuts in India? How can we achieve zero dependence on fossil fuels and reduce India’s carbon footprint to zero?

At DuPont India, we offer advanced materials and solutions to address these challenges in two ways. First by developing alternative energy sources for the photovoltaic industry in the near term and biofuels in the long term. Second, by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels across diverse industry segments either by reducing energy consumption (e.g. lightweighting solutions in automotive) or by enabling production of high-performance materials from renewable sources (e.g. use of biomaterials or biopolymers in textiles and other applications).

DuPont is harnessing The Power of Shunya™ to enable India in its quest for zero – a country with zero power cuts, zero dependence on fossil fuels.