Safety and Sustainability

Science Based Solutions for Industrial Safety and Sustainability in India

We at DuPont India are on a mission to fulfill India’s dream of nurturing a safer and greener tomorrow through our science based safety and sustainability solutions.

India is among the fastest growing economies in the world with the youngest and the largest workforce. As the country strives to achieve manufacturing excellence, industrial safety and sustainability are emerging to be critical parameters of its global competitiveness, much as quality was in the last two decades.

How can we ensure zero workplace injuries and accidents? How can we achieve zero lives lost? How can we protect those who protect us? How can we achieve zero emissions and zero environmental impact?

At DuPont India, we help address these questions by applying the knowledge and experience acquired over the last 211-years of our history in manufacturing, transporting and marketing a diverse range of  products. In addition we bring to market advanced materials and solutions that help protect people and the environment.

This is why we collaborate with industries, organizations, corporates and individuals to ensure workplace safety and sustainable manufacturing operations that help prevent accidents and fatalities; offer materials and solutions that protect soldiers, law enforcers, first responders, fire fighters, security & health professionals as well as civilians; help build infrastructure and plants that minimize emissions and environmental impact.

By working together with multiple stakeholders, customers and partners, we harness The Power of Shunya™ to enable our country to achieve the aspirational goal of zero— be it zero workplace hazards, zero lives lost or zero carbon footprints.