Sustainable Operations

Solutions for a More Efficient, Safer and Sustainable Industry

Our science-driven solutions for sustainable operations are not only increasing India’s productivity and ensuring sustainable business success, but also creating a safer and greener environment for a better tomorrow.

Today, economic growth is not just about growing faster. It is also about how to sustain this for decades, and how to do this without compromising the quality of lives for our future generations. Faced with regulatory and market pressures and changing societal expectations, government and businesses will be expected to ensure a more sustainable growth, one that protects the environment.

DuPont customized solutions help organizations improve their operational efficiencies, environmental management, and process technologies. Our science-based solutions for sustainable operations are custom-made to help organizations across oil and gas, utilities, manufacturing, mining, chemicals, construction and other industries to reduce risks, maximize returns and minimize waste.

DuPont India provides technologies and solutions that help our customers increase their productivity, exceed regulations, optimize capital returns, enhance process technologies, and reduce overall cost

We recognize this is too big a task and cannot be achieved by one government, or by one company or by one individual alone. This requires collaboration among many, and that is what DuPont is doing in India – working together with Indian companies and organizations to harness The Power of Shunya™ and help in our nation’s quest for zero – zero emissions, zero carbon footprint, zero lives lost.