Safer and Stronger Infrastructure

Innovative Solutions for Safer and Stronger Infrastructure

At DuPont India, we collaborate with engineers and construction companies to provide innovative infrastructure solutions for public infrastructure such as airports, roads, railways, metro-rail systems that are built to last longer, with superior quality, safety and aesthetics.

With India expected to be the most populous country in the world in just over a decade and among the largest economies, building a world class infrastructure of roadways, railways, airports and ports, urban mass transportation systems and rural connectivity is a critical imperative.

DuPont innovative  materials and solutions address the infrastructure needs of the country by providing a range of advanced polymers with high tensile strength, stress and fatigue resistance, fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials, durable safety glass laminates, a variety of cladding solutions, and stain and corrosion resistant materials, that help make:

  • buildings stronger, safer and more energy efficient
  • roads and railways that are longer-lasting and require lower maintenance
  • airports that are built to word class standards
  • hospitals and operation theatres that are more hygienic
  • malls, hotels and homes brighter and more contemporary.

Working collaboratively with construction companies, engineers and architects, we harness The Power of Shunya™ to provide science-based solutions that help India build a world class infrastructure with zero compromise on safety, performance or durability.