Lightweighting Solutions

Innovative Lightweighting Solutions

DuPont provides solutions to the key challenge of lightweighting faced by the automotive industry.

In the next 20 years, 380 million vehicles are expected to be on Indian roads (source: Environment and Energy Sustainability Report, Mckinsey & Company). This makes it critical to address challenges related to fuel economy, improved performance, safety, and reduction in emissions.

As a leading science company, DuPont serves today‘s automotive industry by providing innovative materials that combine high performance, aesthetics and safety. DuPont is the partner of choice for the automotive industry because of its sustainable technology driven solutions.

Our high performance polymers can replace metal parts and help reduce vehicle weight, which in turn minimize fuel consumption, reduce brake and tire wear as well as lower emissions, thus improving overall safety and performance.

The DuPont India Innovation Centre at Pune addresses the growing demands of the Indian automotive industry by working closely with both automotive companies and component & system manufacturers to develop automotive products and solutions that meet local needs.

DuPont lightweighting solutions aims to harness The Power of Shunya™  to achieve the aspirational goal of zero— zero energy loss and zero carbon footprint—allowing us to find effective and efficient ways to empower India in its perennial quest for Shunya.