Industrial and Workplace Safety

Materials and Solutions For Industrial and Workplace Safety

At DuPont India, we help create a safer work environment that protect lives.

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, with one of the youngest and fastest growing workforce. Tragically, every year India loses 40,000* workers due to accidents at the workplace. *(Source-ILO Data)

In its quest for Shunya- zero lives lost, zero injuries and zero accidents - India faces the growing challenge of improving its industrial and workplace safety practices and performance, even as its economy continues to grow and more and more people join its workforce.

DuPont India addresses this growing need by providing innovative materials, consulting and training solutions to other organizations and companies that help transform their employee, process and contractor safety performance.

From industrial workers to fire-fighters, from soldiers at the borders to engineers at project sites, from health-care professionals to first-responders, we help protect lives in the toughest conditions and under the most challenging environment.

By harnessing The Power of Shunya™ in collaboration with customers, partners, governments, NGOs, academics, and other organizations, DuPont develops a vast range of materials, products, and consulting solutions that help ensure the protection of life in India.