Seeds for High Yielding Crops

Seeds for High Yielding Crops to Improve Farm Productivity

To feed the growing population and make farming a more sustainable and profitable business, DuPont delivers hybrid seed solutions that increases crop yields in different weather and soil conditions.

India clearly needs a second green revolution that is broad-based, inclusive and sustainable; we need to produce more without depleting the natural resources any further. (Source: Prime Minister’s Speech at ICAR Foundation Day 2011, ICAR website).

DuPont is addressing this challenge by developing seeds with traits that enable high yielding crops and help farmers grow crops with traits that addresses India’s unique agronomy conditions and farmer needs.

DuPont Pioneer is a world leader in seeds with advanced and improved traits, with an extensive knowledge base on plant breeding. In India, we are working extensively on developing hybrids for rice, pearl millet, mustard and corn, by applying our global plant breeding expertise and knowledge to develop India-specific varieties. In fact, we have made India our global center for rice research. We work towards meeting grower needs on a field-by-field basis to get the right product on the right hectare to maximize  productivity and profitability.

We also work in partnership with local communities and state governments on market extension programs that help educate and train farmers on right agronomic practices and crop management techniques to improve yields, thus harnessing The Power of Shunya™ in the quest for zero hunger.