Healthy Food

Science Based Healthy Food Solutions to Nourish India

At DuPont India, we innovate and collaborate to develop science based nutritious, healthy, and innovative products and solutions that nourish and nurture our growing population.

India’s economic growth story will remain incomplete if it cannot provide food security for all. Food security is not just about availability of food, but also of the quality and nutrition of the food that people consume.

Faced by the growing challenge of malnutrition at both ends of the nutrition spectrum, both under-nutrition and over-nutrition, a key component of India’s quest for zero malnutrition is about availability of healthy food. How can we make more nutritious food available to all? How can we improve the protein content in the diet? How can we deliver healthy food solutions with reduced fat content and lower cholesterol? How can we address lactose intolerance?

DuPont India works collaboratively with local food companies and the entire food value chain to help innovate local solutions that benefit consumers and help meet their needs in the areas of child and family nutrition, weight management, overall healthy living, and improved food safety and quality.

Our science powered solutions include food ingredients, and advanced microbial diagnostic solutions. By developing next-generation materials, fostering local innovation and harnessing The Power of Shunya™, DuPont is committed to helping India in its quest for zero malnutrition.