Safe Food

Science Based Food Protection Solutions

Our effective, sustainable and science based food protection solutions are helping India take a significant leap in food security and safety.

Providing access to safe and quality food is critical in India’s pursuit of food security for all. With consumer concerns about food safety playing a major role in today’s buying decisions, manufacturers and food companies are looking for effective food safety and protection solutions that enhance shelf life of packaged food while offering value for money to customers.

How can we keep food safe? How can we prevent food from deteriorating? How can food be kept fresh for longer? At DuPont India, we respond to these questions by harnessing The Power of Shunya™ in collaboration with our local partners, customers and others, to provide science-based solutions that address these critical needs.

We offer a range of  packaging solutions, pathogen detection technologies and refrigerants that help improve food safety, reduce food wastage and enhance shelf life, thus contributing to India’s quest for zero – zero food wastage, zero food contamination and zero food adulteration.