Vibrant lifestyle

Construction Materials & Solutions for Vibrant Lifestyle

At DuPont India, we are developing innovative solutions for creating safer, efficient and modern spaces for a vibrant lifestyle.

Today, around 300 million people live in urban India, with an additional 500 million people expected to living in the cities by 2030. With accelerated urbanization, more and more people would need new-age houses, smarter workplaces and cleaner hospitals for a safer, energy efficient and vibrant lifestyle.

With accelerated urbanization, there is an increasing demand for sustainable construction materials and solutions for modern homes, energy-efficient offices and commercial structures, cleaner hospitals, and superior safety and aesthetics in malls and hotels.

At DuPont, we are addressing these needs by delivering advanced materials & solutions for the building & construction industries – solid surfaces that can be thermoformed and used for interior and exterior cladding, safety laminates that make glass stronger, advanced materials that help increase energy efficiency, and solutions that improve the overall safety, durability, performance and aesthetics.

And we do this in local collaboration with builders and construction companies, designers, architects, engineers and fabricators. Together, we harness The Power of Shunya™ to help India create safer homes, vibrant buildings and more efficient facilities.