DuPont Apollo Thin-Film Solar Panels for Solar Farms in Rajasthan



India has a high energy deficit, and needs to scale up its power generation capabilities to meet the ever increasing demand for energy to fuel its growth ambitions. The best way to bridge this gap is to install renewable electricity generation capacity, which can supply sustainable energy at a competitive cost.

Rajasthan receives one of the highest amounts of solar radiation in India for over 300 days a year, and is one of the preferred places to install solar farms. The output from these farms can be connected to the grid to supply electricity throughout the country.

Wipro EcoEnergy was one of the organizations setting up solar power plants in Rajasthan, and wanted to install solar panels that could help ensure reliable performance for years.


Rajasthan has a very hot and arid climate with high amounts of dust in the air. Due to the high solar radiation, the panels are subject to UV rays as well. These factors can lead to a fast degradation of solar panels, which could in turn impact the efficiency and project returns for the project owner.

The challenge for Wipro EcoEnergy was to select a reliable partner for supplying panels that could last for over 20 years, and to collaborate with them to solve any field issues that arise over this period.


DuPont collaborated with Wipro EcoEnergy to install two solar farms in Phalodi in Rajasthan. Thin-film photovoltaic (solar) technology was selected as the preferred technology for this project. Thin-film panels have an advantage of delivering higher power output in diffuse light conditions.

A total of 5600 kilowatts of Thin-film panels made by DuPont Apollo, Ltd. were installed. These panels were commissioned in January 2012 and have been producing electricity to power up industries,

schools, hospitals and thousands of rural households. The panels produced by DuPont Apollo employ several photovoltaic materials manufactured by DuPont.

We at DuPont have decades of experience with solar technology, and understand the unique problems posed by various climatic conditions. We have been collaborating with solar power developers and project owners globally for many years. This helps ensure that highly reliable solar farms are installed, and that levelized cost of electricity is continuously improved with enhancements in our solar technology.


DuPont has proved to be a reliable partner for supplying photovoltaic solutions. The project with Wipro EcoEnergy was done as an engaging collaboration that helped ensure that the project was delivered as planned.

The DuPont Apollo Thin-film panels have been generating clean, efficient and reliable energy since commissioning.

We invite you to join us in our effort to achieve zero power shortages by collaborating with us to build a secure energy future for India.

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