Science Driven Cookware Range with Teflon® Coating



TTK Prestige, India’s leading kitchen appliances company was seeking Teflon® coated cookware solutions for their next-generation cookware range. From meeting the cooking and baking demands and complementing the healthy and changing lifestyles of Indian consumers, to improving their overall cooking experience, TTK Prestige wanted to create a cookware range that complemented modern Indian kitchens without compromising the quality and durability of their brand.  


To create a unique Teflon® coated cookware range, that would have superior food release properties, easy clean performance, improved abrasion resistance, looked new longer and would have lesser impact on the environment.


In view of the ever-growing variety of cooking and baking demands of Indian consumers, and their eagerness to explore new and exciting culinary techniques, DuPont™ India developed and presented TTK Prestige with a new customized product, which provided solutions addressing their key challenges around performance and environmental impact.

The Teflon® customized product was ideal for TTK Prestige and met all their needs including enhanced efficiency, durability and performance. This product was also part of the DuPont Genex range which produces PTFE without the use of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).

The product line was also an exclusive extension of the Teflon® Brand and was called Teflon® Innovation, a brand name that shall now be used by TTK Prestige to promote their new range.


DuPont India’s Teflon® Coated Cookware range is environment friendly. Teflon® non-stick coating systems prevent food from sticking even when using zero oil, thereby resulting in healthier food.

The cookware range is designed using ‘Extreme Scratch and Abrasion Resistance’ technology that makes it metal spoon friendly and highly durable. In addition, scientific testing has shown that Teflon® coated cookware lasts nine times longer than cookware with ceramic coating.

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