Silage Solutions for Quality Feed and Fodder in India



Even though India if often regarded as one of the largest producers of milk, Indian farmers lack good quality animal feed, which is essential for increasing the quantity and quality of milk produced. Dairy farms spend as much as 70% of their daily expense on livestock feed. In addition, the price of raw materials used to generate cattle feed changes every season and can be very volatile. There are other issues as well - the tax imposed on inter-state transport, restricts the cattle feed manufacturers’ area and scale of operation. Moreover, there is lack of awareness of modern feeding practices, especially among small-scale farmers.


To fill the gap between the demand and supply of good quality feed and fodder in India. The biggest challenge was to provide sustainable, good quality silage solutions. 


DuPont India is committed to developing science based silage solutions to address the growing demand for good quality feed and fodder in India. DuPont Pioneer has developed special hybrid seeds of corn for livestock feeding. These yield very good tonnage with higher digestibility and ensure the uniform supply of quality nutrients at the farm for the entire year.

DuPont India offers solutions that enable farmers to make silage using corn hybrid crop and inoculants.  DuPont Pioneer is working collaboratively with public and private enterprises to train farmers from Punjab, AP and Maharashtra on proper silage management practices to promote the concept of making silage among farmers.

DuPont India offers Pioneer brand inoculants that contain strains of lactic acid-producing bacteria, designed to help speed up and improve fermentation and silage quality in several ways. Our innovative science driven silage solutions improve animal digestibility, provide better nutrient availability, and work consistently, delivering year-round performance that surpasses that of other conventional sources of green fodder.

Apart from this, DuPont India is also helping promote good agronomical practices to increase the yield and is providing packaging solutions to ensure longer shelf life of the feed. DuPont is working to create silage bales with manufacturers that can be made available in different capacities and are light in weight.


Our science driven silage solutions help provide top quality feed and fodder for a healthy livestock. A Corn Silage based diet is more nutritious and also improves the farm productivity by reducing production costs substantially.  

The innovative inoculants used to prepare silage, not only improve fermentation, but also retain valuable nutrients, reduce dry matter losses, improve nutritive value of starch and fiber, increase milk and meat production of animals, and improve the quality of milk by increasing fat percentage and protein in milk.

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