Leading Corporate Safety Culture Transformation through Behavior Safety.



As Hindustan Unilever Limited prepared itself to enter into the new millennium, the HUL management recognized that an organization with world class safety performance would give them an added competitive edge and it was vital that they go through safety culture transformation.


HUL leadership underwent a reality check around year 2002 and discovered that they were nowhere near world class in safety performance and needed safety culture transformation and

effective safety sustenance drivers across the organizational set up.


To facilitate the desired change and journey towards safety culture transformation, HUL had engaged DuPont for its safety culture transformation journey.

DuPont found that the HUL leadership team was highly committed to safety but their leadership and action was not felt across the organization. To address this, DuPont facilitated a series of visioning workshops and executive leadership development programs aimed at identifying personal action plans for each leader to demonstrate his safety commitment.

Once the leadership had bought into safety, involvement of all 15,000 employees across the HUL organization helped achieve the desired objectives around safety performance. Apart from this, DuPont applied science powered solutions and processes to facilitate entire safety and sustainability agenda for the company. DuPont facilitated every manager and supervisor in the company to carry out safety behaviour observation. Processed other metric to track key safety deliverables like safety evaluation, quarterly safety report, projects, proposals and procedures; safety system audits by managers and officers; rewards and progressive discipline policies linked to safety performance.


HUL’s total recordable accident frequency rate dropped from 0.68 to 0.20 in five years. A recent HUL internal safety survey conducted in August 2007 by Indica Research Consumer Insight covering all employees indicated that an overwhelming majority ‘strongly agree’ that safety is now integral to HUL’s business performance.


I have seen the safety journey in HUL over many years. Partnering with DuPont was a defining moment in this journey and helped us realize the importance of not just focusing on process controls and safety, but on the behavioral aspects that impact safety.

Today, safety is embedded across the organization and is an integral part of how we conduct our business. While we have made tremendous progress over the years this journey as they say is never complete and we remain committed to making HUL an even safer place.

Mr. Nitin Paranjape
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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