DuPont Pioneer® Brand Rice Hybrids For High Yields



Due to unfavourable situations like rapidly changing climatic conditions, drought, flood, submergence, salinity, toxicity, and other nutrient deficiency in the soil, many rice growing regions of eastern India are experiencing low and uncertain yields in rice production.


In the eastern region of India, challenge was to introduce new agricultural technologies and sustainable solutions that can help the rice crop sustain stress conditions due to various climatic factors, resulting in higher yields and good quality produce.


DuPont India offered popular rice hybrids like Pioneer® PHB71 and 27P31 for the government’s subsidy program initiative in the eastern region. This proved to be the right choice not only due to their high yielding ability, but additional benefits of drought tolerance and evolved taste.

DuPont India provides science based hybrid solutions for both rain-fed and flood conditions of Eastern India. However the DuPont Pioneer rice portfolio comprises rice hybrids PHB71 and 27P31, which are extremely effective in rain fed condition. Apart from being stress tolerant and not only help increase productivity but improves the overall agricultural ecosystem.  Apart from these, DuPont is also launching Hybrid 29P38 and Hybrid 29P39 for coastal areas and low land waterlogging conditions respectively. 

DuPont Pioneer® brand rice hybrids PHB71 and 27P31 enable rice crops to increase yield outputs as high as 60-70 quintals  per hectare as oppose to the regular rice yield of 40 quintals per acre. DuPont Pioneer brand rice hybrids received positive farmer responses and prompted the state government to review and reaffirm their increased confidence on PHB71 and 27P31 every season.


Apart from the higher excellent yields, farmers also received good grain selling prices for the grains. DuPont Pioneer® brand rice hybrids not only help improve the crop productivity but also improve the quality of the rice crop, resulting in a healthier ecosystem.

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