Science Based Packaging Solutions With DuPont™ Selar®



Wheat Flour (Atta) is a staple diet for most Indian families. Traditionally, Indian households consumed freshly grounded wheat flour from local mills. Eventually, branded Atta became popular which also reduced the risk of contamination and adulteration.

The branded Atta was typically manufactured at centralized locations and distributed over a large geography. The tough supply chain situation in India posed challenges in distribution of bigger size PET/ poly bags (5 kg and 10 kg).  There used to be breakages in the bags, resulting in wastages. The breakage can be attributed to optimisation in bag thickness and  lack of toughness of the packaging structures Moreover, manufacturers were also looking for a packaging structure that was  recyclable in order to reduce the overall footprint of plastic consumption in packaging.


Statistics indicate approximately  5- 10 % wastage in larger SKUs . The packaged wheat flour industry suffered from losses due to bag breaks and lack of sustainable options.

The industry was in dire need to find a solution with safer and more reliable packaging for Atta that would offer reduced product damages. This new packaging solution is required to have higher strength than the conventional PET Poly bags, while retaining  all other functional advantages.


DuPont India offered Selar® PA 3426, an amorphous nylon (polyamide) resin to develop sustainable packaging solutions for  wheat flour.

The multilayer barrier film structure   based on modified Nylon and PE is used to replace the conventional PET poly structure to tackle wastage especially in bulk packaging (> 5 kg packaging formats),. Apart from this, multilayer barrier film can also be easily recycled along with PE stream using Fusabond® compatibilisers, another DuPont product.

Today, some of the India’s leading packaged wheat flour brands trust DuPont Selar® PA 3426 based packaging solutions to achieve shunya wastage while increasing their penetration in the Indian markets.


DuPont Selar® PA 3426 barrier resin can be utilized in both flexible and rigid packaging structures and is characterized with very good gas O2, CO2 and moisture barrier. Furthermore, Selar® PA is unique in that its gas barrier improves with increasing relative humidity. It has excellent physical properties, high temperature resistance and excellent optical properties desirable in a structural resin.

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