Primagreen® Ecoscour Enzyme Solutions For Indian Textile Industry



India’s textile industry is currently facing a number of challenges that need immediate attention; including stringent pollution norms, lack of conventional energy sources, increasing demand for sustainable processes from global brands, decrease in the availability of fresh water, fluctuating prices of raw materials, increasing production costs and inflation.


Textile processors urgently require alternative process solutions that are sustainable, eco-friendly, and cost effective while meeting the demands of the ever-growing and competitive market.


At DuPont India, we are working with our partners to provide innovative, sustainable processing solutions to the Indian textiles industry.

DuPont India’s Primagreen® Ecoscour Enzyme Solutions seek to completely eliminate the use of harsh chemicals like caustic soda and peroxide in the textile pretreatment process for medium to dark shades. Apart from this, Primagreen® Ecoscour Enzyme Solutions reduce the consumption of water, use less energy, and allow sustainable enzymatic processing that improves the environmental footprint of the industry. 

DuPont India’s Industrial Biosciences Application Laboratory is being opened at DuPont Knowledge Center, and will be used to understand local needs and work with the industry to provide solutions that meet the specific demands of the Indian Textile Industry.


DuPont Primagreen® Ecoscour Enzyme Solutions are highly sustainable and help eco-scour the fabrics without using harsh chemicals, thereby improving the quality of the fabric. Our innovative, enzymatic solutions work at low temperatures, resulting in lesser energy consumption and leading to safer and greener environment.  

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