Science Driven Solutions For Drought Tolerant Pearl Millet Crop



India is the largest producer of Pearl Millet in the world. It’s a crop grown in harsh, dry locations with low input costs. However, the Pearl Millet farming area declined by 26% during the last five years, due to its high dependency on the monsoon, poor irrigation facilities and harsh climatic conditions.


The farmers and growers of Pearl Millet were seeking science driven products and solutions that could help them grow their crop in dry, harsh conditions while considering input costs, yield levels, productivity enhancement and increasing farm income.


DuPont has invested a lot in research and development of innovative millet hybrid to enable farmers to produce high quality drought tolerant Pearl Millet crop. The science based drought tolerance products like DuPont Pioneer is reaching out to 3.5 million farmers across the country and empowering them to achieve higher yields in harsh climatic conditions.

DuPont Pioneer has developed 3 drought tolerance hybrids, keeping in mind the variable climate, soil conditions, irrigation facilities, and reducing water table. DuPont Pioneer has also developed 2 hybrids in various crops which can address and provide solutions to the uncertainty of monsoon and lack of infrastructure in the rural areas.

The innovative science driven solutions have enabled certain hybrids such as Pioneer® Brand Millet Hybrid 86M88 and Pioneer® Brand Millet Hybrid 86M66 to tolerate severe drought conditions, low or negligible rainfall, and poor irrigation conditions.


Despite heavy decline in Pearl Millet farming area in India the crop production has increased by 19% owing to a 44% increase in productivity. DuPont Pioneer Millet hybrid solutions eliminate the dependency on monsoon and irrigation facility to provide high quality drought tolerant Pearl Millet crop. 

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