Contemporary Feature Wall Design with Versatile Corian® Surface



Big Cinemas, having recently opened multiplex in Delhi, commissioned Adlabs In-House Architects, Mumbai to create a feature wall in a high-traffic zone in the lobby.


Designers were confronted with the task of finding a durable, elegant and versatile solid surface for the contemporary feature wall in the main lobby. The wall required a lightweight material that could hang by regular installation methods, as well as could be backlit.


DuPont Corian® had all the attributes needed to create a truly contemporary, intricately designed feature wall. Corian® surface was engraved in 4 parts on a regular 8’ x 4’ CNC Bed. Panels were later seamlessly joined and finished into a beautiful perfectly aligned elegant display wall. The translucency of Corian ® was ideal for backlighting the wall in the lobby. 


Corian® solid surface is an obvious choice for most architects as it is extremely versatile and can be easily thermoformed, backlit, engraved or seamed to meet the requirements of designs. Intricate designs could be directly engraved on the solid surface to exact specifications using CNC machinery. Beautiful and elegant Corian® gives designers a complete freedom to follow their imagination. Also it adds value to the architects vision because of its durability and low maintenance. 

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