Making Stadiums Safer with SentryGlas® Interlayer Laminate



Public places such as sports stadiums can get very crowded during events, and special measures are taken while designing these structures to accommodate the needs of large crowd movement. As glass is one of the most fragile materials used in these structures, it becomes important to minimize safety risks of the glasses used.

The designers of Mumbai’s Wankhede cricket stadium were looking for an advanced glass solution to design its corporate, VIP and commentary boxes. It is critical to ensure the safety at the stadium as the speeding ball and heavy winds could shatter or tear off the glass joints during the match. At the same time, the glass panels had to be wide to offer panoramic view of the stadium


The conventional solution of using laminated glass came with many issues. It was difficult to make wide glass panels without multiple joints. If conventional solution was adopted, the glass had to be made very thick, rendering a heavy structure. Also, its tear resistance level might not be sufficient.

There is also a possibility of the glass falling off post-breakage, which might have led to potential injury to large crowds in the vicinity.


To cope with the critical challenge, DuPont collaborated with the designers and provided SentryGlas® advanced interlayer solution. SentryGlas®, stiffer and tougher than conventional interlayers, can withstand impacts like a speeding cricket ball. SentryGlas® offers design freedom to architects to develop solutions that offer strength and open-edge durability to enable frameless safety glass covers for all important spaces in the cricket stadium.

SentryGlas® is up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than traditional interlayer laminates. As a result, thinner laminates could meet specified wind loads and structural requirements.

SentryGlas® can tolerate high stress loads and the interlayer becomes a higher performing structural layer in the multilayer composite. Laminated glass solution with SentryGlas® interlayer improves long-term weather resistance of laminated glass systems.


SentryGlas® helped the architects build a safer stadium with wide glass panels that offer better aesthetics and more viewing pleasure for people watching the matches from behind the glass.

In the event of breakage of glass, SentryGlas® would minimize the risk of glass falling off and posing potential danger to people. It improved the durability and maintenance ease of the structure and reduced the structural weight, minimizing the requirements for supporting structure.

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