DuPont™ Phytase® provides a revolutionary solution for the poultry industry that reduces pollutant hazard

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Adequate dietary phosphorus is required for rapid and efficient growth of livestock but Phosphorus is the major pollutant in animal farming areas

Only 30% of dietary phosphorus is retained by poultry and rest excreted to the environment. If the phosphorus load on the environment exceeds plant uptake then the excess will be flushed in to lakes and rivers leading to overgrowth of algae.

With 250 crore broilers in the Indian market, the problem of excess undigested phosphorous polluting the environment and the soil quality will only increase over a period of time.

To further illustrate the enormity of the problem, around 7 million tonnes of chicken feed is manufactured for broilers in India every year, out of which 3.5-4 million tonnes is corn which has about 70% locked phosphorous unavailable for digestion and once excreted can be a major pollution hazard.


Indian poultry industry is growing fast at a CAGR of 12% year on year. The per capita consumption stands today at 3 Kgs per person and is poised to grow three times to 9 Kgs per person over the next 10-15 years. As this goes up, there is a need for high quality produce since growing Indian population needs protein. Poultry producers need to optimize their feed costs to produce safe and affordable chicken and at the same time keep the environment safe.


There are different strategies for use of highly digestible sources of dietary phosphorus e.g. Monocal, Dical Phosphate. Phase feeding is done to more closely match dietary phosphorus to animal needs. DuPont is offering Phytase enzyme solution to improve efficiency of phytate phosphorus utilization from feed.

DuPont is collaborating with individual poultry integrators to optimize their feed with our enzymatic solutions in a customized way so that we could help them win in the market place. Our application lab at DuPont Knowledge Centre enable us to build capability to understand particular varieties of corn and soy used by the integrators and provide better solutions.

All broiler feed is made by pelleting (heating process at 80 degree centigrade) in which normal enzymes don't survive. DuPont™ Phytase® is the market leader in phytase, it offers unrivalled heat stability upto 95 degree centigrade (means even at a temperature of 90, expect 100% activity), thereby effectively carrying out the function. This is possible because of DuPont “Thermo Protectant Technology" (which is called " Phyzyme xp TPT”) Also Phyzyme is very active in low PH inside the bird's body and it is only in low PH that most if the natural phosphorus can be released


DuPont™ Phytase® overcomes the anti-nutritional effects of phytate (salts of phytic acid) to release phytate-bound phosphorus and increase the availability of phosphorus contained in vegetable feedstuffs. This significantly reduces the environmental hazard caused by excretion of excess phosphorus by poultry.