DuPont™ Corian® solid surfaces for Office Complex



First impressions are critical! This holds true for offices buildings, commercial complexes and stores. The first time somebody visits a company, it takes him only a few moments to decide whether he likes the place or would want to do business with in the future. Keeping in mind the impact of office design on business and employee performance, DSCI project team wished to combine two unique elements- technology and warmth through design of the impact space at DSCI. The office reception area was originally designed with stainless steel as the core material. However, the team wanted to explore more possibilities with a different design material.


Although designers only had a month before lobby installation, Rapid Corp Architects, project designers, insisted to redesign the impact space from stainless steel to DuPont™ Corian® solid surface which is a tough yet versatile surfacing material.


Designers made use of Corian® in visual impact spaces including wall cladding, table top, reception countertop and planters at DSCI. Corian® Hot was combined with Corian® Glacier White to form high contrast pattern on the main feature wall. Reception desk was created from Corian® Glacier White which joined the flow line from wall clad forming a unified space to preserve the key tone “warm and welcoming” while emphasizing on the organization’s foundation of science and innovation.


Corian® solid surface was specifically chosen over other materials as only Corian® can fulfill the utmost requirement in physical performance such as thermoforming ability, hygiene and seamless joints without sacrificing on the warm and welcoming atmosphere of an organization.

The design completely redefined DSCI’s reception space that is visually appealing and attracts people to stay. 

Fabricator:       Green En Solutions, Hyderabad

Designer:         Rapid Corp Architects, Bangalore

Category:         Commercial Building (Office)

Corian Color:     Glacier White, Hot