Sugarcane Borer Control in India | DuPont™ Coragen®

DuPont is working with local farmers to control sugarcane borer pests with DuPont™ Coragen® and improve sugarcane crops in India.
  • Challenge: Food
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Location: India
By introducing DuPont Coragen® insecticide, farmers in Uttar Pradesh India have seen their borer pest problem reduced and sugar cane production increase, providing more income for their families.
A representative from Modi Sugar Mill explains how important sugar is to the Indian economy and how a massive pest attack four years ago threatened livelihood for farmers like Rajinder Singh.  Rajinder describes how his fields were practically destroyed years ago from the borers, devastating his crops and his family’s financial well-being.
Through collaboration with local farmers and sugar mills, DuPont has helped provide Coragen® so farmers can produce healthy and high yielding crops and achieve long-term eradication of these pests and produce sustainable yield each season.



Modi Sugar

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