Farmers eye powerful/revolutionary insect control to sustain paddy yields

Unique granular formulation gives effective broad spectrum control over insects

Kolkata, September 11, 2013
– DuPont in India has launched DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control to help farmers realize the true potential of their fields by protecting their rice crops against damage from stem borer. The introduction of the new insect control is aimed at improving rice productivity for better food security.

DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control, powered by Rynaxypyr® active ingredient, has been launched in India to cater to the requirements of Indian growers. Ferterra® is a low-dose, highly effective insect control that provides complete control of yellow stem borer and rice leaf folder for a longer duration. The rice-growing farmers generally spread various chemicals to control different pests damaging the crop. With the broad spectrum of insects controlled by Ferterra®, growers can enjoy the convenience and ease of a single application at 20 to 30 days after transplanting of rice.

In India, West Bengal has the biggest rice area and production – 42 lakh ha and 14.6 metric tonnes respectively, and has contributed enormously to the trebling of India’s rice production between 1960 and 2010 with a compound annual growth rate of 2.53%. The state contributes 16% of total rice cultivation.  Paddy growing districts in West Bengal have recently reported inadequate rainfall*, which presents big rice production challenges to growers. To ensure the state’s leadership role in rice cultivation, scientists and experts have said it is has become increasingly important for farmers to ward off pests by using modern crop protection solutions.

Paddy sowing in the state has been delayed by a month due to deficient rains. According to Regional Met Centre in Kolkata, while Birbhum, Burdwan, Nadia, Hooghly saw an average 28% deficit in rainfall between June 1 and August 7, Murshidabad reported 51% less and Malda 26% deficit. This deficit means delayed sowing, which could affect rice yields.

Scientists say rice farmers may have to count on good crop protection solutions to ensure respectable yields.  “Insects, diseases, weeds, nematodes, rats and crabs cause direct and /or indirect damage at various crop growth stages resulting in reduction of rice yields. Farmers should be educated about the various chemical and biological options available for crop protection,” according to Dr MC Diwakar, Director, Directorate of Rice Research, Patna.

DuPont, a world leading science company, having worked with millions of farmers in the state and outside, says it is committed to ensure West Bengal’s handsome contribution in rice yields in India. Ram K. Mudholkar, South Asia Director of DuPont Crop Protection business explains, “Ferterra® is a unique solution which helps farmers to achieve higher yields and productivity.  Ferterra® delivers revolution in each rice granule. Its ability to stay in the plant system for long safeguards the crop from the stem borer attack resulting in a strongly entrenched crop with more number of tillers. With that, Ferterra® has helped lacs of farmers across the country realize their potential for higher marketable yield”.

Due to its excellent protection and excellent results in paddy – DuPont™ Ferterra® insect control is fast becoming the preferred choice for farmers. Since its launch in 2009, Ferterra® has been used in over 25 lakh acres by hundreds of thousands of farmers.

Bholanath Dey of Karanda village in West Midnapore district of West Bengal who has been using Ferterra® said, “For us farmers dependability is a key criteria and we have found that this has given us enhanced crop yields, and income.”

Bangshi Mohan Dey of Akathapur village in Hoogly district of West Bengal  explains, “Ferterra® is useful in the fields for its unique mode of action. It controls pests resistant to other insecticide and helps in preserving natural parasites, predators and pollinators. This makes Ferterra® a revolutionary solution which helps farmers to achieve higher yields and productivity.”

Abul Kalam of Rohi Gram village in Murshidabad district said, “You can look at the crop and tell that the field is treated by Ferterra®. The tillers are more in number, the crop looks healthy and green. This is the result of the complete and long duration control.”

DuPont Crop Protection (DCP) business works together with partners to help realize the potential of the land and the untapped potential of farmers. It provides growers worldwide with a wide range of technologies to improve sustainable agriculture. Cutting edge crop protection products with lower use rates and better efficacy are available for multiple crops.  DuPont Crop Protection in India is committed to bring world-class latest technology, safer products for the growers.  Products should not only protect crops, but are also safe for applicators, for the eco-system and the end consumer.  Products that help farmers prosper, contributing towards happy harvests.

DuPont India is a subsidiary of an American company. DuPont started trading with India more than 200 years ago Today, DuPont India markets a wide range of products in varied market segments. With six production facilities in three locations, the DuPont Knowledge Center in Hyderabad and the DuPont India Innovation Center in Pune, DuPont India is delivering science-based solutions to address the needs of local markets.

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