DuPont Calls for Local Collaboration and Scientific Innovation to Address Food Security

Launches Global Food Security Index in India

September 26, 2012, New Delhi — As part of the company’s commitment to help feeding the rapidly growing world, DuPont today introduces the Global Food Security Index in India and called for local collaborations and science-powered innovations to address the challenge of the country’s food security. The Global Food Security Index, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and commissioned by DuPont, is the first-of-its-kind, dynamic scoring tool that measures the drivers of food security in 105 countries.

The Index also points to areas for improvement under the broad categories of availability, affordability, quality and safety. Food security is a worldwide focus, but the Global Food Security Index is distinct because it evaluates the underlying factors affecting food security on a country by country basis and it will employ an adjustment factor for food price fluctuations to recalibrate the risks countries face through the course of the year.

“At DuPont, we believe that there is a science to feeding the growing population. It will take all of us working collaboratively to ensure that every person has enough nutritious food to eat,” said James C. Borel, executive vice president at DuPont. “While science is global – solutions must be local. The chances of achieving that goal are increased dramatically by creating science-based innovations that target specific local challenges, collaborating with others on solutions and bringing know-how to the people and places that need it most.”

Commenting on the imperative of collaborative solutions to address food security and the need for a common measurement tool, Rajeev Vaidya, president - South Asia, DuPont, said, “We hope that the global Food Security Index will provide a common language for the public discourse on food security as well as generate local insights and collaboration across the food value chain.”

India is ranked 66th in the 2012 Global Food Security Index, scoring slightly higher in the category of ‘availability’ than in the other two categories of ‘affordability’ and ‘quality and safety’. With India expected to be the most populous country in the world by 2025, feeding the population is likely to be one of the serious challenges that the country will face in the coming decades. In addition to the twin challenges of availability and accessibility as reflected in chronic household food insecurity, India also faces a nutrition challenge reflected in the malnutrition and over nutrition statistics.

“The Global Food Security Index should be used as a tool to help stakeholders make informed decisions that drive sustainable results at a local level. Collaboration is the key to unlock the power of science and we hope this index will help foster collaborative solutions that address India’s food security needs,” said Vaidya.

Presenting the details of the Index, Pratibha Thaker, regional director, EIU, said, “The Global Food Security Index measures levels of food security by answering a central question: how can consumers in each country access sufficient amounts of safe, high-quality and affordable food. Because of our extensive modeling approach, we believe this comprehensive tool will help leaders move from rhetoric to results.” 

The interactive Global Food Security Index is available online at: The features include:

  • Analysis of key findings
  • Definition of 25 global indicators that measure specific aspects of food security
  • An interactive heat map of overall scores and detail of category results
  • Adjustable weightings to allow for scenario planning
  • The ability to compare multiple countries simultaneously and explore rankings by indicators
  • A country details page that allows a food-security drill down into individual economies
  • A unique feature will be added to capture the impact of changing food prices on each country’s ability to address food security

To address the global food security challenge, DuPont has committed to invest US$10 billion in research and development dedicated to the food, agriculture and nutrition sectors and advancing 4,000 new products by the end of 2020; supporting training and education opportunities for youth around the world, and working with farmers to improve the livelihoods of families in rural communities. To learn more about how DuPont is committed to driving food security efforts locally, sustainably and collaboratively, visit

In India, DuPont works with millions of farmers across the country to help maximize their productivity and profitability through improved seeds and crop protection solutions suitable for local needs, conducts farmer training and awareness-building sessions on appropriate farm practices and responsible use of technologies, and works with local governments on market extension programs. DuPont also provides integrated solutions to the food industry from a wide range of food ingredients for nutrition, improved health and food protection.

Advancing its innovations capability in the agriculture and food segment in India, DuPont is conducting a global rice research program at the DuPont Knowledge Center in Hyderabad and has set up several field research centers across India. DuPont India recently announced its plans to set up a food application development center in the country to develop science-powered solutions in local food formats that will help meet needs in the areas of child and family nutrition, overall healthy living, weight management, and food safety and quality.

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