DuPont Announces 2015 Global Sustainability Award to Versa Drives Pvt. Ltd.

Versa Drives Pvt. Ltd. Recognized for Excellence in Sustainability Performance

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, 13 October 2015 – DuPont has announced the winners of the 12th Edition of the DuPont Safety and Sustainability Awards. The awards recognize outstanding intiatives aimed at enhancing workplace safety, sustainability and operational effectiveness.

Among the winners was Versa Drives Pvt. Ltd., for a Global Sustainability Award.  “We are very pleased that our hard work and commitment to provide a more sustainable product has led us to be recognized as a winner of a DuPont Safety and Sustainability Award,” said Sundar Muruganandhan, Managing Director of Versa Drives.  “We believe that our investment in sustainability has allowed us to become a more competitive company, and proven to other companies that sustainability truly pays off.”

The award ceremony took place in Wilmington, Delaware, and was accompanied by a Best Practice Forum, in which all of the winners shared the context, content and success factors for their projects. 

“We are very pleased to recognize Versa Drives Pvt. Ltd. for their achievements and commitment to sustainability,” said John Chrosniak, President, DuPont Sustainable Solutions. “Like DuPont, they believe that progress in sustainability allows companies to advance societal goals, but also operate more effectively and efficiently.”

Jury President Andrew Sharman, Health and Safety Director for Owens-Illinois, said that jury members were particularly impressed by both the quality and quantity of the projects submitted for consideration this year. “This growth is quite heartening, as I feel quite strongly that the recognition of positive contributions to workplace safety and corporate sustainability is crucial in galvanising the public and private sectors to promote and pursue improvement projects.”

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Versa Drivers Pvt. Ltd. for the Global Sustainability Award

Versa Drives, a manufacturer of electric motors, drives and appliances, has been selected as the global winner of the DuPont Sustainability Award for Superfan, its energy-saving ceiling fan for the consumer market.

Despite being a small business based in Coimbatore, India, Versa Drives has big ambitions. Its mission is to become a leading global manufacturer of low power variable frequency drives and energy-saving synchronous motors.  Currently the firm serves both the business and consumer markets: it provides customized motor control solutions to original equipment manufacturers and also produces the Superfan for retail customers. About 25,000 Superfans were sold in the year after the product was launched, and Versa Drives aims to reach a production volume of 1 million fans by 2018.

The Superfan project originated in the challenge of making an energy-efficient brushless DC electric motor for ceiling fans that could also be economically produced. As ceiling fans are one of the most common electrical appliances in the world – with 350 million being used in India alone on a daily basis – the potential energy savings are enormous. The Superfan uses less than half the power required by a conventional fan to deliver the same or greater air flow. If all the ceiling fans in the world were replaced by Superfans, global residential energy consumption could be reduced by 70 terawatt hours annually. (Just one terawatt hour is enough energy to power a city of 200,000 for a year.)

Beyond ceiling fans, Versa Drives has developed a platform of energy-efficient permanent magnet BLDC motors and inexpensive drives that can be used in a broad range of home appliances. This is significant as appliances are responsible for about half of the current increase in global energy consumption. The project also inspired a higher commitment to sustainability and energy conservation in the manufacture and distribution of the Superfan itself as well as throughout the Versa Drives organization.

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